The problem:

Millions of tubes of toothpaste and brushes end up in landfills and take up to 400 years to decompose. Our conscience invites us to bet ecological and without plastic in cosmetics and in the kitchen, but when it comes to oral hygiene, we continue to buy the same tube of toothpaste of a lifetime without question.

The solution

Minima Organics Toothpowder is 100% natural and organic. Its aluminum container can be reused infinitely many times and you can buy the product in compostable paper bags, reducing the carbon footprint by simplifying its distribution.

Through our project we want to raise awareness about dental hygiene: the importance of eating, good habits and brushing.

To help make our daily routines respectful with the environment, we also introduce bamboo toothbrushes, biodegradable and plastic-free dental floss, bamboo toothbrush holder and copper tongue scraper.

About us

We are Andrea and Juliana, a Brazilian journalist and a Mexican economist who met in Barcelona working in an education company 10 years ago. We share good humor, many values ​​and way of seeing life. Throughout these years we have made many changes in our consumption habits: reducing the consumption of material things, to make room for a fuller life. Our greatest hope is to share and contribute to a more sustainable life change. 

We support minimalism, conscious consumption, the value of time, relationships and cooperations.

We regenerate

Minima Organics was born connected with its "sister project": the Jacutinga do Caparaó Permacultural Association, located in the middle of the Atlantic Forest, next to the Caparaó National Park, in Espírito Santo, Brazil. A group of people united by common concerns -among them, the founders of Minima- who have acquired 18 hectares of land degraded by livestock activity. In this rich biome we let nature do its job of gifting itself without the interference of profit. human, while we study and experiment different practices for the transition to a more sustainable world. By supporting our project, you also help to regenerate the environment, since we allocate 1% of our profits to the association

Mission, vision and values 


Offer products that make us think about what, how and why we consume. Our products are natural, safe, vegan, ecological and without plastic.

Doing a sustainable business in all areas (social, environmental and economic), capable of regenerating and educating.


Create sustainable and planet-friendly daily routines with natural, plastic-free and vegan products. We work for environmental regeneration and we are part of the necessary transition to regenerate ecosystems.


Regeneration - beyond sustainability 

Collaboration - everything is built between people and no one is an island. 

We are beings in constant learning 

Empathy - we listen and put ourselves on the feet of others 

Diversity - differences are part of and enrich reality 

Minimalism - we conceive consumption without accumulation and waste. Living well is not linked to the ability to consume. See if yellow is better expressed like this: consume to use and not to accumulate or waste) 

Good mood - everything with a smile is made better 

Transparency - honest in all processes. There are no secret or rare ingredients in everything we do